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Aquarian Age: Sign for Evolution is a 13-episode TV anime series based on the Aquarian Age TCG. The show produced by BROCCOLI aired in early 2002 on TV Tokyo. VHS and DVD copies of the Japanese editions are currently on sale, and ADV Films has released the show in the United States on DVD in three volumes containing both English subtitled and dubbed versions.

The story centers on high school student and band vocalist Kamikurata Kyouta, and how he stumbles on a secret war being waged by mysterious girls with otherworldly powers. Kyouta later forms a band named T.L. Signal with his friends Kojima Junichi, and Hirota Shingo. Kyouta's band works for a company named CosmoPop. Junichi plays the keyboard, and Shingo is the guitarist of the band. Things grow even more complicated when he discovers his girlfriend Sannou Yoriko might be the key to it.

One other note is that the TV series draws heavily from the world setup of the original card games, and features male "Mindbreakers" with female-only faction members. ADV Films's official show website and the inserts in their 2004 DVD release provide a glossary of information on the card games' factions.

The stand-alone manga Juvenile Orion occurs in the broader Aquarian Age universe, but is unrelated to Aquarian Age: Sign for Evolution.

The background music is composed by Yuki Kajiura, also known for the background music from Noir and the second and third episodes of the Xenosaga game trilogy. The 2008 live-action film's main theme is Mirror Ball by Japanese rock group Alice Nine.

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