Anna Ogino (荻野アンナ, born November 17, 1956) is a Japanese author and professor of literature at Keio University.

Ogino was born as Anna Gaillard in Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, to a Japanese mother and father of European-American ancestry. She was naturalized during elementary school, and received her undergraduate and master's degree in French literature from Keio University, as well as receiving a scholarship to Paris-Sorbonne University to study Rabelais. In 2002 she became a professor at Keio.

Ogino began writing in 1983 as text author for comic strips about mermaids. A notable work, Watakushi no aidokusho (My love-hate affair with books) is a critical novel that compares eminent male Japanese authors to different types of foods. She has received the 1991 Akutagawa Prize for Seoi mizu (Water Burden) and the 2001 Yomiuri Prize for Horafuki-Anri no bōken.


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