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Animefest is the oldest anime convention in The Czech Republic, Europe.

Animefest was held for the first time in 2004. It was and still is organised by Brněnští Otaku, at first a free group of otaku. As time went by, the convention became too large and for better organisation, a civic association Brněnští Otaku was founded in 2007. Animefest is one of the two largest conventions held in The Czech Republic, having around the same number of visitors as Advík, which is held in Prague, in July. Animefest is the only convention in the country which holds Anime Music Video competition, the main prize of it being a plush doll of Totoro. This competition is held yearly since the first year of Animefest.


Date Location Visitors Guests
8-9 May 2004 Art cinema
Brno, The Czech Republic
± 250[1] -
7-8 May 2005 Art cinema
Brno, The Czech Republic
± 350[1] -
6-7 May 2006 Art cinema
Brno, The Czech Republic
± 450[1] -
5-6 May 2007 Art cinema, Scala cinema
Brno, The Czech Republic
± 800[1] -
10-11 May 2008 Scala cinema, B. Bakala hall
Brno, The Czech Republic
± 1000[1] -
8-10 May 2009 Scala cinema, B. Bakala hall, hotel International conference centre
Brno, The Czech Republic
± 1200[1] -
7-9 May 2010 Scala cinema, B. Bakala hall, hotel Continental
Brno, The Czech Republic
? Yuji Nunokawa and Kunihiko Ryō


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