Animania is an annual anime convention that has been held in Sydney, Australia since 2002. It is Sydney's first dedicated anime and manga event.[citation needed] Originally run by local University anime societies, Animania is now organised by Aurora Entertainment, and includes several events in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Adelaide.


Animania features many of the typical events found at anime conventions including cosplay and AMV (anime music video) competitions, anime screenings, workshops, karaoke, video games such as Dance Dance Revolution.[1]

In addition to such staples, Animania has experimented with several of its own attractions, such as live fandubbing, an "Iron Artist" drawing competition based on the Iron Chef TV show, the anime cover-band Halcyon, and "Animania Fusion", a skit-based video comedy featuring members of Animania staff.


Halcyon made their debut at Animania 2003 and at that time consisted of three members: Amanda Setiadi as the vocalist, Michael Lee (aka "Muki") as the acoustic guitar player, and Rosi Yu as the violinist. The band performed a small set and were sufficiently popular to warrant their return for Animania in 2005, as well as making appearances at other anime-related events in Sydney. The band has also grown from the original three-member setup to six, including a drummer, Michael Ip, and two more guitarists, Lindsay Nighjoy on bass and Jason Solomon on lead.

At the main Sydney Animania in 2007, Halcyon played two sets, including an acoustic set (without drums) at the Friday preview night, and with the full band on the Saturday night.

Halcyon's "style" is playing songs that have appeared in anime and Japanese video games, creating original translations (and occasionally reinterpretations) of the Japanese lyrics. Songs they have covered include Fly Me to the Moon from Neon Genesis Evangelion and HT from Trigun.

World Cosplay Summit

At the September 2007 Sydney event Animania announced[2] they had been accepted by the World Cosplay Summit to host the Australian competitions to compete in Japan at WCS 2009. This will be the first time Australia has been represented at WCS.

Preliminary competition events will be held at the 2008 events with the finals taking place at August 2008 Sydney event. The winning team will be flown to Japan in 2009 to compete in the World Cosplay Summit. The team representing Australia for the first time is the Love and Peace Movement, consisting of Tsubaki Chan and Cattypatra.


In 2008 the first World Cosplay Summit Australian Preliminaries took place at Animania, with the finalists competing in the 2009 World Cosplay Summit Championship (Japan)[3].

The 2008 Sydney August event featured two live concerts[4]: Argent La Rosa, a J-Rock styled band, and Yunyu.

In 2009 Animania partnered with the Adelaide OzAsia Festival, expanding the event to 4 cities[5].

Event history

Dates Location Guests
October 12, 2002 Eastern Avenue Lecture Theatre and Auditorium Complex
Sydney, Australia[6]
October 11–12, 2003 The Scientia, University of New South Wales
Kensington, Australia
Lewis Morley.[7]
October 23–24, 2004 Sydney City Town Hall
Sydney, Australia[8]
September 3, 2005 Holiday Inn Brisbane
Brisbane, Australia[9]
October 8–9, 2005 Sydney City Town Hall
Sydney, Australia[10]
May 20, 2006 Holiday Inn Brisbane
Brisbane, Australia[11]
July 1, 2006 The Victoria Hotel
Melbourne, Australia[12]
August 12, 2006 Carlton Crest Hotel
Sydney, Australia[13]
September 9, 2006 Holiday Inn Brisbane
Brisbane, Australia[14]
September 30 – October 1, 2006 Sydney Town Hall
Sydney, Australia[15]
March 31, 2007 Carlton Crest Hotel
Sydney, Australia[16]
April 28, 2007 Rydges Hotel, Melbourne
Melbourne, Australia[16]
May 26-27, 2007 Holiday Inn Brisbane
Brisbane, Australia[16]
September 28–30, 2007 Sydney Town Hall
Sydney, Australia[17]
March 29, 2008 Citigate Central Hotel (formerly known as Carlton Crest)
Sydney, Australia[18]
April 19, 2008 Rydges Hotel, Melbourne
Melbourne, Australia[19]
May 10, 2008 Holiday Inn Brisbane
Brisbane, Australia[20]
August 23-34 2008 Australian Technology Park
Sydney, Australia[21]
September 20, 2008 Holiday Inn Brisbane
Brisbane, Australia[21]
March 28, 2009 Citigate Central Hotel
Sydney, Australia[22]
April 18, 2009 Rydges Hotel, Melbourne
Melbourne, Australia[23]
May 09, 2009 Holiday Inn Brisbane
Brisbane, Australia[23]
September 5-6, 2009 Australian Technology Park
Sydney, Australia[23]
September 19, 2009 Holiday Inn Brisbane
Brisbane, Australia[23]
October 10, 2009 Adelaide Festival Centre
Adelaide, Australia[5]

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