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Ani-Kuri 15 (アニ*クリ15?) is a series of fifteen 1-minute shorts that aired on the Japanese TV station, NHK between May 2007 and 2008. Intended as companion pieces to the Ani*Kuri program and as filler between regularly scheduled programs, the shorts were broadcast in three seasons of 5 episodes.[1] Each short was directed by a different director and the episodes were collected and uploaded to the official Ani*Kuri15 website in 2008.[2]


Season 1

  • "Attack of Higashimachi 2nd Borough" (Shinji Kimura: Studio 4°C) - Three aliens come to a cardboard Earth to invade.
  • "From the Other Side of the Tears" ("Namida no Mukou"?) (Akemi Hayashi: Gainax) - A sad young girl recovers from a heartache.
  • "Blaze Man" ("Hyotoko"?) (Yasufumi Soejima: Gonzo) - A groups of native warriors attack a giant kami in the shape of a bear. The kami sets one of the warriors on fire spiritually.
  • "Sancha (The Aromatic Tea) Blues" (Osamu Kobayashi: Madhouse) - An avaricious record-store owner watches greedily as patrons look through his records.
  • "Invasion from Space - Hiroshi's Case" ("Uchujin Raikou Hiroshi no Baai"?) (Shōjirō Nishimi: Studio 4°C) - Hiroshi tries to read his manga but a small robot is shooting pellets to distract him so the robot can escape.

Season 2

  • "Project Mermaid" (Mamoru Oshii: Production I.G) - A fish turns into a mermaid who swims out into post-apocalyptic city.
  • "Yurururu ~Nichijou Hen~" (Kazuto Nakazawa: Studio 4°C) - An animator spends the whole day animating a 1-second clip of a giant fish in a city.
  • "Gyrosopter" (Ranji Murata: Gonzo; and Tatsuya Yabuta: Gonzo) - A young gyrosopter pilot visits a pool of water and remembers a gyrosopter battle and the death of a friend on a watery planet.
  • "Wandaba Kiss" (Atsushi Takeuchi: Production I.G) - A young boy and his dog initiate a complex Rube Goldberg machine in order to steal a kiss from a young girl.
  • "Supaatsutaisa" ("刺客來搜山了"?) (Tobira Oda; and Yasuyuki Shimizu: Studio 4°C) - A peaceful samurai has his meal stolen by a cat after being attacked by a ninja. He then falls into a river and drifts over a waterfall.

Season 3

  • "A Gathering of Cats" ("Neko no Shuukai"?) (Makoto Shinkai: Comix Wave Film) - The family cat has had its tail stepped on one too many times and dreams of revenge.
  • "Princess Onmitsu" ("Onmitsu Hime"?) (Mahiro Maeda: Gonzo) - A magical girl and her doll must defeat an invading horde of air pirates.
  • "Okkakekko" (Michael Arias: Studio 4°C) - A group of children run across fields and play with a giant scary robot.
  • "Project Omega" (Shōji Kawamori: Satelight) - As an alien force hurtles toward NHK headquarters in Tokyo, the NHK building springs to life as an evangelion-transformer to battle the foe.
  • "Good Morning" ("Ohayō"?) (Satoshi Kon: Madhouse) - A young girl gets up from bed and sleepily tries to awaken herself.


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