Angels in the Court

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Court no Naka no Tenshi-tachi (コートの中の天使達?), otherwise known as Angels in the Court is a hentai anime released by Pink Pineapple. A second OVA, Kaette kita Court no Naka no Tenshi-tachi (帰ってきたコートの中の天使達?), otherwise known as Angels in the Court 2, was released the following year.


Aota Academy

Oh Motoura (元浦 央, Motoura Ou?)
The coach of the Aota Academy's Volleyball team. He was a former All-Japan star volleyball player before becoming the school's coach.
Nanase Morimura (森村 奈々瀬, Morimura Nanase?)
A new student to the Academy, she becomes the team's secret weapon as she is an excellent volleyball player. Unfortunately, her skills only appear when she is sexually excited. This is usually to Motoura's dismay as she usually turns to him for 'help' which does not necessarily mean full intercourse.
Shou Marui (円井 晶, Marui Shou?)
The team's Captain. Left Front.
Kumi Marui (円井 玖美, Marui Kumi?)
The team's setter and Shou's sister.
Nao Inabe (伊那 部尚, Inabe Nao?)
Right Front.
Mayumi Kitajima (喜多嶋 麻由美, Kitajima Mayumi?)
Kuzuha Shionogi (潮乃木 葛葉, Shionogi Kuzuha?)
Left Back.
Mio Matsuda (松田 未依, Matsuda Mio?)
Kozue Nekoda (音胡田 こずえ, Nekoda Kozue?)

O-Ring Academy

Haruo Kabanishi
Motoura's self-proclaimed rival (Motoura doesn't even remember him) and the coach of O-Ring Academy. He used to play with Motoura but has since developed a grudge for an unknown reason. He challenges Motoura that his team will beat Aota Academy.
Aiko Yada
Team Captain. Sexually involved with Haruo Kabanishi.


Coach Motoura has to make sure that Aota Academy's girls volleyball team is in tiptop shape for the upcoming championship. Fortunately, the new student Nanase is a highly skilled player and decides to join the team. But Nanase needs some tender loving care from the coach before she can reach her full potential... and the other girls aren't just going to sit there and let her have all the action!

In the second OVA, the team has cleared the primarily election in the previous series, and they begin to live together in a training camp for the national tournament.


Only the first OVA was released in the US under NuTech Digital. However, after the company lost the rights to its hentai licenses, the series does not appear to have been picked up by any other distributor.


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