Android Kikaider (anime)

Android Kikaider: The Animation (人造人間キカイダー THE ANIMATION, Jinzō Ningen Kikaidā Ji Animēshon?), the anime adaptation of the Japanese superhero Kikaider, was produced by Sony Animation and broadcast on Kids Station from October 16, 2000 to January 8, 2001, with a total of 13 episodes. The anime followed more of the manga, with a darker nature of Jiro's reason to exist.

It was followed by the OVA 4-episode sequel called. Kikaider 01: The Animation (キカイダー01 THE ANIMATION, Kikaidā Zero Wan Ji Animēshon?).

An OVA special came with the Kikaider 01 DVD called The boy with the Guitar: Kikaider vs Inazuman (ギターを持った少年 -キカイダーVSイナズマン-, Gitā o motta shōnen - kikaidā VS inazuman -?) which teamed Kikaider with Inazuman, another superhero created by Shotaro Ishinomori. It was based off the manga chapter of Inazuman called The boy with the Guitar (ギターを持った少年, Gitā o motta shōnen?).


Android Kikaider

Dr. Komyoji creates Jiro (Kikaider) but an explosion occurs. When Dr Komyoji's kids, Mitsuko and Masaru, their father was no where to be found. Jiro wandering aimlessly in a remote area eventually meets Mitsuko. Mitsuko teaches Jiro to go into his robot form and about the GEMINI system inside him. The two grow closer together but the relationship development halts when a mysterious flute playing causes Jiro to attack Mitsuko, which causes her to believing he is a mad machine. Jiro inevitably leaves Mitsuko and Masaru in fear of being destroyed. Mitsuko then hires Hanpei Hattori and his apprentice Etsuko Sarutobi to find Jiro and bring him home. Throughout the story, Jiro encounters robots and learns more abou Professor Gill and the evil organization DARK. A reoccurring android named Hakaider causes Jiro out of control by whistling (similar to Gill's flute). The more Mitsuko encounters Jiro the more she falls in love with him. When Mitsuko and Jiro reunite, they search for Mistuko's mother who reveals to be in love with professor Gill but could not bare the pain of being away from her children and gives them the location to Professor Gill's headquarters right before she killed herself. After they discover the location, Jiro attempts to fight Hakaider alone and also discovers the brain inside Hakaider's head is that of Professor Gill's. Professor Gil overtakes Hakaider's body before Hakaider could destroy it and infiltrates the headquarters. Once Professor Gill discovers Dr. Komyoji is in control he sends his robots to attack them. Jiro was able to give the brain to Hanpei in order to put it back into Dr.Komyoji's body. Professor Gill attempts to control Jiro with his flute, but Jiro to is able to overcome it. Hakaider then attempts to kill Professor Gill for betraying him and destroys the place along with Gill. Hanpei, Mitsuko and Etsuko able to escape, but didn't see Jiro escape with them. In the end, Mitsuko has hope that Jiro will return to them.

The Boy Who Carried a Guitar: Kikaider vs. Inazuman

Jiro is still fighting the Submission Chip within him inserted by Professor Gill. Jiro, filled with guilt for destroying his siblings, fears that if he encounters both Mitsuko and Masaru, he will go inflict harm to both of them. Hanpei Hattori is sent to search for Jiro, in order to convince him to return to Mitsuko and Masaru. He mistakes high school student Saburo Kazeda (Sabu) for Jiro while Jiro is talking with Sabu's girlfriend Miyoppe. When Hanpei is finally reunited with Jiro, he goes berserk at the presence of Sabu, who then transforms into Inazuman, and the two fight. During the fight, Jiro manages to break free from the Submission chip. However, a mysterious creature suddenly attacks Inazuman. Jiro transforms into his android form and saves Inazuman from the creature. Jiro shakes hands with Sabu, and heads off, leaving Hanpei and the others behind to search for a purpose in life, but he believes that he may one day return to Mitsuko and Masaru.




Android Kikaider: The Animation

Airdates are from broadcast on Adult Swim in the US.

EP# Title Original airdate English airdate
1 Lonely Puppet
"Kodoku na Ningyō" (孤独な人形)
October 16, 2000 June 9, 2003
Dr. Komyoji creates Jiro (Kikaider)but an explosion in the laboratory destroys everything in the laboratory. Mitsuko and Masaru check out the laboratory to see what happened but couldn't find anything. While Mitsuko is researching on what he was doing. Jiro is wandering around aimlessly to find out who he is. Mitsuko discovers Dr. Komyoji plans on creating an android that knows difference between right and wrong and gos back to the ruins of the laboratory. Jiro inevitably goes to the same place where he meets a rhino like robot trying to kill him. Mitsuko quickly realizes he is the android Dr. Komyoji was trying to built and helps him defeat the robot.
2 Mad Machine
"Kurutta Kikai" (狂った機械)
October 23, 2000 June 10, 2003
Mitsuko takes Jiro back to her home where she explains who he is and who created him. Mitsuko reveals he can tell right from wrong due to his GEMINI system but it is incomplete and she has to fix it. A Prey mantis-like Robot attacks Jiro and Mitsuko but is able to save her. Jiro then hears flute playing and causes him to choke Mitsuko. He was able to snap out of it and stop, but causes Mitsuko to believe he is a mad machine and rejects him. The same Android attacks again, but Jiro defeats it. Mitsuko now wishes to destroy Jiro, but Jiro runs away before she could do so.
3 Stray Sheep
"Sutorei Shīpu" (ストレイ・シープ)
October 30, 2000 June 11, 2003
A mysterious spider-like Android is killing people by crushing them. Mitsuko hires Hattori and Etsuko to find Jiro. They eventually finds Jiro and try to convince him to return home, but instead cause him to run away. Hattori chases him and gets caught up between a fight with Jiro and the spider-like Android. Jiro defeats the Robot and discovers someone is sending them. Hattori also discovers Jiro is an android and asks Mitsuko to tell him the complete truth.
4 Mirror
"Kagami" (鏡)
November 6, 2000 June 12, 2003
Jiro is playing his guitar to kids and grows close to a little girl with a cat while Mitsuko helps Hattori and Etsuko search for him. Mitsuko finds Jiro and tries to explain that it wasn't his fault for chocking her. An ant-like android disguised as a human finds Jiro and attacks him. Both Jiro and the android show their robot form and fight each other. The Ant-like Android destroys himself in attempt to destroy Jiro along with him but fails. The little girl sees Jiro in his robot form and fears for her life causing Jiro to run away in shame of his appearance.
5 City of Rain
"Ame no Machi" (雨の街)
November 11, 2000 June 16, 2003
Jiro meets a woman named Miyuki who he learns she fell in love with a man she knows nothing about and waits for him. Professor Gil sends out a group of men to set plant bombs around the town. The man Miyuki loved, goes to her house to find Jiro. A jaguar-like robot attacks them but they manage to get away. Jiro learns about DARK and Professor Gil and convinces the man to help him save the city. Jiro fights the jaguar-like Android as the man deactivates the bombs. Jiro defeats the robot and the man manages to deactivate all the bombs, but he dies when another robot shoots him to death. Jiro sees the man's body and asks why did he die.
6 Negative Fragments
"Fu no Danpen" (負の断片)
November 20, 2000 June 17, 2003
Hattori learns about DARK, Professor Gill, and about Dr. Komyoji and tells it to Mitsuko. A bat-like android disguised as vampire called "Gold Bat" kidnaps Mitsuko and forces Jiro to look for them. Mitsuko discovers the house she is taken to is her childhood home where she, her mother and Dr. Komyoji lived. Also discovers that Dr. Komyoji and her mother were involved with Professor Gil and realizes she's in love with Jiro. Gold Bat reveals to Mitsuko that he has a conscious circuit inside him like Jiro but far less advanced like his. Jiro arrives to the house where Mitsuko was taken to as, Mitsuko searches for more information on Dr. Komyoji's and her mother's past.
7 Afterglow of Regret
"Hi no Zanshō" (非の残照)
November 27, 2003 June 18, 2003
As Jiro arrives to Mitsuko's childhood home, a set of traps set by Gold Bat. As Jiro fends off his traps, Mitsuko learns that Dr. Komyoji joined Professor Gil as his sons last request, but realized he caused his death and his wife was a spy sent by Professor Gil. Jiro manages to get inside the house and finds Mitsuko only to be another trap. Mitsuko insist he turns into his robot form but refuses due to him being in shame of his appearance. Jiro escapes by using his guitar is left to fight Gold Bat but takes a blow to protect Mitsuko. Mitsuko suggest repairing him, but a mysterious man kills him and runs off before Jiro could learn his identity. Mitsuko convinces Jiro to stay with her before he could leave.
8 Blue Moon, Red Dreams
"Aoi Tsuki, Akai Yume" (青い月、赤い夢)
December 4, 2000 N/A
A recap of the fist 7 episodes
9 Friends
"Tomodachi" (ともだち)
December 11, 2000 June 19, 2003
As Jiro and Mitsuko return home, they inform Hattori that they wish to go to the location of the only vacation spot Mitsuko's family went to, in order to look for answers about Mitsuko's mother. Masaru finds a way to follow them and gets lost in the woods. Masaru meets twin boys named Kuya and Kaito and a pet bear named Riku. They become friends and helps each other through the wood. Mitsuko remembers a hint where Mitsuki's mom's hometown is. Masaru manages to make it to the cabin where Mitsuko and Jiro are staying, but discovers Kuya, Kaito and Riku are Androids. Jiro finds Masaru but the 3 androids found him too and attack Jiro. Jiro manages to destroy the 3, but Masaru becomes upset at Jiro for destroying them
10 Frozen Bonds
"凍る絆" (Kōru Kizuna)
December 18, 2000 June 23, 2003
Jiro, Mitsuko and Masaru go to their Mother's home town in order to find more information. Once they meet her, Mitsuko discovers her Mothers true nature. Mitsuko asks her for Professor Gil's location but she refuses. Mitsuko's mother reveals she is still working for Professor Gil and is ordered to kill her, but hesitates. A scorpion-like robot attacks them, but Jiro manages to save them. The mysterious man returns and attempts to kill Jiro breaking his guitar in the process. He reveals he is Saburo (Hakaider), an android designed to destroy Jiro. Mitsuko's mother gives Mitsuko the location of Professor Gill's headquarters and reveals she missed Mitsuko when she left her and regrets ever meeting Professor Gill and kills herself. Jiro attempts to stop her but Saburo whistles and controls Jiro.
11 The Destroyer
"Hakaima" (破壊魔)
December 25, 2000 June 24, 2003
Mitsuko finds a chip near the remains of Jiro's Guitar and discovers it is the data of the GEMINI system. Jiro is still under the control of Saburo's whistling and causes destruction in the town. As Mitsuko and Hattori look for him, they suspect he will be going to the ruins of the lap where he was born. When Jiro and Mitsuko reunites, Saburo attempts to control him again by whistling, but Jiro is able to resist it and fights Saburo. Saburo destroys Jiro's arm and flees.
12 The Machine That Dreams
"Yumemiru Kikai" (夢みる機械)
January 1, 2001 June 25, 2003
13 The End of the Dream
"Yume no Matsuro" (夢の末路)
January 8, 2001 June 26, 2003

Kikaider 01: The Animation

EP# Title Original airdate English airdate
1 Jiro Meets Ichiro
"" ()
June 30, 2003
New Organization called SHADOW appears searching for the boy named Akira. Kikaider (Jiro) helps Reiko and Akira to escape and eventually find themselves in a monastery where a priest introduces Kikaider to Kikaider 01 (Ichiro). After another encounter with SHADOW Kikaider and 01 join forces to stop SHADOW.
2 Beautiful Enemy
"" ()
July 1, 2003
Kikaider and 01 meet a an android working for SHADOW named Bijinder and fight her, but eventually escapes. They later meet Hakaider and his squad and discovered they are actually Professor Gil and his most loyal companions. They ultimately defeat the squad but Professor Gil manages to escape.
3 Gil Rises Again
"" ()
July 2, 2003
Kikaider and 01 fighting more of SHADOW's minions. The priest introduces Kikaider 00 (Rei)who was previously a failed version of Kikaider. Reiko leads them to a damn to use a safe house but SHADOW eventually catch up to them where Hakaider reveals to Reiko that she is actually a cyborg with memories of another girl. Hakaider kills Reiko and captures Akira. Bijinder joins Kikaider due to feeling sadness for Reiko's death.
4 The Fate Of Pinocchio
"" ()
July 3, 2003
After capturing Akira, Hakaider uses Akira to launch Amagedroid and destroys the town. Kikaider, 01, 00, and bijinder try to destroy the ammageddongod. )01, 00 and Bijinder get captured and have been given a submission chip to control them. Kikaider is eventually defeated by his companions and is given the submission chip. When Akira is under stress, Hakaider puts him under the care of Bijinder where she escapes with him. Kikaider now under the submission chip defeats his 01, and 00 and destorys Hakaider. The episode ends with Akira meeting the real Reiko and Jiro having become human walking into the sunset.
Bonus The Boy Who Carried a Guitar: Kikaider vs. Inazuman
"Gitā o motta shōnen - kikaidā VS inazuman -" (ギターを持った少年 -キカイダーVSイナズマン-)



A soundtrack for the first animated series of Kikaider called Android Kikaider: The Animation Original Soundtrack (人造人間キカイダー ― THE ANIMATION オリジナル・サウンドトラック, Jinzō ningen kikaidā― THE ANIMATION orijinaru saundotorakku?) was released on December 6, 2000. It was composed by Akira Mitake and distributed by SME Visual Works.

Another Soundtrack called Kikaider 01: The Animation Original Soundtrack (キカイダー01 THE ANIMATION ― オリジナル・サウンドトラック, Jinzō ningen kikaidā― THE ANIMATION orijinaru saundotorakku?) was released on March 6, 2003. Music was composed by Kaworu Wada and distributed by SME Visual Works.

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