Ami Onuki (大貫 亜美 Ōnuki Ami?, born September 18, 1973 in Machida, Tokyo, Japan) is a member of the Japanese pop group PUFFY.

She has co-hosted several Japanese TV shows with the "cool" half of PUFFY, Yumi Yoshimura, including the talk show Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-Puffy, part of a morning show called Saku-Saku, and the 2006 series Hi Hi Puffy Bu, in which Ami and Yumi perform one given task each week to comedic effect.

She is left-handed.

She married Teru, the vocalist of the Japanese rock band Glay, and announced the birth of her baby girl on her blog in March 2003.[1] Rumors of a divorce have persisted on the Internet, particularly in the West. These rumors have mostly been ignored by the Japanese media and have never been confirmed by Ami or Teru. On PUFFY's 2007 greatest hits album Hit & Fun, Ami is pictured both on the CD cover and within the CD insert clearly wearing both an engagement and wedding ring on her left ring finger, and she continues to wear her wedding ring in pictures on the PUFFY Staff Diary.[2]

On Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, she and is vocally portrayed by Japanese-born American actress Janice Kawaye. In the show, her hair is pink and done in the classic odango atama hairstyle famously first worn by Usagi Tsukino from the Sailor Moon media franchise.


Ami can play:

Solo songs

Ami has sung the listed solo songs:


  • Usagi Channel (Rabbit Channel)

Solo Solo

  • Onna no ko, Otoko no ko (Girls and Boys)
  • Love Depth
  • Honey
  • That Sweet Smile
  • Be Someone Tonight
  • Snacks
  • Tadaima (I'm Home)


  • Lemon Kid


  • Always Dreamin' About You

The Hit Parade

  • Aishuu Date (The Sadness Date) (NEW YORK CITY NIGHTS)


  • Destruction Pancake


  • Security Blanket

Solo Single

On July 2, 1997, Ami and Yumi each released her own solo single before their original solo album, Solo Solo released on 1997/08/06.

Track listing

  1. Honey
  2. Tadaima (I'm Home)
  3. Honey (Original Karaoke)
  4. Tadaima (Original Karaoke)

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