Aki Sora (あきそら?, lit. Autumn Sky) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masahiro Itosugi. It was first published in September 2008 by Akita Shoten.[1] It started serialisation in the ninth volume and was concluded in volume 25 of Akita Shoten's shōnen manga magazine Champion Red Ichigo. An OVA adaptation by Hoods Entertainment was released with the third volume of the manga on December 17, 2009.[2] A second OVA adaptation, called Aki Sora ~Yume no Naka~ (あきそら~夢の中~?) was released by Pony Canyon in two parts; the first part released on July 30, 2010, and the second part released on November 17, 2010. In April 2011 Masahiro Itosugi announced that there will be no more printings of volumes 1 and 3 due to infamous Bill 156.[3]

The main characters (Aki and Sora) are similar in appearance to the incestuous characters (Keisuke and his unnamed sister) from earlier hentai manga "A Wish of My Sister" by the same author.


Ever since he was a young child, Sora Aoi had always exchanged words of "I love you" with his attractive older sister Aki. Now, as he comes of age, he finds it much harder to exchange such comforts as they did in those simpler times. When Aki demonstrates her feelings toward him to go beyond a sister's love, Sora finds himself questioning his feelings for his sister. Realizing their affection for one another, they consummate their love in secret. In a society that would never understand, they must now keep their love a secret from their family and everyone they know.


Aoi family

Sora Aoi (葵 ソラ Aoi Sora?)
Voiced by: Asami Imai (drama CD), Sayaka Kinoshita (OVA 1), Kumo Shiroi (Yume no Naka)
Sora is the protagonist of this story. His first name is written as 蒼空 (Sōkū) in kanji. He studies in the same high school as his sisters, Aki and Nami. Unlike his sisters, he is good at cooking and housework. His effeminate appearance makes him a perfect candidate for cross-dressing, which he finds himself engaging in involuntarily because of Nami's fetish and Runa's belief that he enjoys it. His aunt also notes him to be a timid person, and slightly a pushover, which further allows him to be forced to cross-dress and sexually approached. Sora has a low alcohol tolerance, as he falls unconscious by drinking even a little sake. He is deeply in love with Aki, and doesn't resist her the second time she tries to have sex with him, but he does question himself at times whether their incest taboo should be continued, since they have no future in a relationship. He has also had sexual relationships with other people, such as Kana, Runa and Nami, though with the latter two he was forced. After being raped by Nami, who then threatened Sora with emasculation and death if anything about the rape should ever be brought to light, he became terrified of her, but claimed that he does not hate her. They eventually rekindle their relationship when Nami asked for consensual sex, and had since then became more close. In the final chapters, after discovering their parents' incestuous relationship and the sacrifices they endured, Sora decides that he truly loves Aki and wants to be with her so it is safe to say they remain together.
Aki Aoi (葵 アキ Aoi Aki?)
Voiced by: Eri Kitamura (drama CD), Shiho Kawaragi (OVA 1), Kōri Natsuno (Yume no Naka)
Aki is Sora's elder sister. Her first name is written as 亜希 (Aki) in kanji. Attractive, athletic, and intelligent, she’s considered a model student at school and is highly popular. However, at home, she has no culinary talents and fails to keep her own room clean. She is deeply in love with Sora. Unlike the rest of her family, all of whom have blond hair, Aki is a brunette. She first attempts to have sex with Sora in the shower, by molesting him in an attempt of seduction, but is unsuccessful, as Sora ran out of there in embarrassment. However, her second attempt, in his room, is successful, after she gave him a heart-felt confession of her love towards him. After that, they have engaged in sexual intercourse many times, including in public places, such as the school gym's storage, an onsen, and on top of a ferris wheel. During these times, she doesn't want to be called nēsan (elder sister), but Sora feels weird saying her name. She seems to be unaware that he has had sex with other women, other than herself. Due to their constant sex, Sora's school test scores were lowering, and Aki refuses to have sex with him anymore until his grades improve, and she cries at the idea of it being her fault of dragging Sora's grades down with her flirting. After noticing how close Sora and Nami seem to be, Aki takes him out-of-town to spend some time together alone. However, on the train there, Sora seems to reject her advances. Next at the park, when she tries again, they almost got caught. They ultimately rekindle their romance in a love hotel. It is presumed that she and Sora remain together and continue their relationship.
Nami Aoi (葵 ナミ Aoi Nami?)
Voiced by: Kana Ueda (OVA 1), Aoi Shirayuki (Yume no Naka)
Nami is Sora's younger twin sister who looks almost completely identical to him (though in the anime her eye color is red, while Sora's eyes are brown; also, her hair is slightly darker than Sora's). Due to their same appearances, Nami ties her hair in pigtails, but her hair is slightly longer than Sora's when let down, the only noticeable physical difference aside their gender. When they were children, she'd often pretend to be Sora, but as they grew up, it became apparent that their personalities are polar opposites. Unlike the quiet and well-behaved Sora, Nami is blunt and can be incredibly stubborn and harsh, but also quite eerie and menacing towards her brother. For instance, she had a habit of smashing his toys when they were children out of jealousy (suggesting she suffers from GIDC), and often forces Sora to cosplay for her own amusement. Like Sora, Nami has a low tolerance to alcohol. She's secretly in love with her classmate Kana, though the latter is completely oblivious of the fact. In spite of this, she's actively trying to get Kana and Sora together. These efforts, culminating with her bearing witness to Sora and Kana having sex together, however backfired and drove her over the edge, into a dangerously precarious state of mind, guided by the belief that her being a female and thus lacking a penis is what keeps her and Kana separated. In a fit of psychotic wrath she assaulted Sora and, after almost cutting off his penis and slitting his throat with a pair of scissors, she proceeded to rape him, fantasizing during the whole act that she was making love to Kana. She obtained his silence through a death threat, and since then Nami has repeatedly had sex with Sora, rekindling their relationship and becoming more intimate. While vocally expressing her disgust at the act, she is becoming more and more obsessed with it, almost craving it, though it is unknown if she herself is attracted to Sora, or having sex with him is a way to vent her frustration. She is, however, apparently regretful of what she has done to her brother, though this, coupled with their unhealthy relationship, is gnawing more and more at her already unbalanced psyche. Despite this, Aki has noted since then they have been much closer to each other. Her relationship with Sora is soon discovered by Kana, and the three end up having sex together, during which Nami's feelings towards Kana are finally revealed.
Aoi family mother (false)
The as-of-yet unnamed mother of the Aoi family, who is actually Aki, Sora, and Nami's mother's identical younger twin sister (to be precise, their maternal aunt), but ever since her sister — the kids' real mother — was killed in a traffic accident ten years ago, she has taken over the role as mother. She took over the role of their mother, and did not tell the twins that their real mother died. She is usually busy working to support the family, and is not there for them, leading them to learn to live for themselves. She is also somewhat irresponsible, giving Nami some sake, when she is clearly underage, and appears somehow aloof and indifferent, something that puzzled Sora more than once. There is a running gag where she is unable to tell Nami and Sora apart, even when they are naked. Everyday, she thinks about whether she should live the role as a false mother, and thought of telling Sora and Nami the truth. Sora himself is starting to question her identity, as she often forgets or is even oblivious of things easily identified by their late mother. Nevertheless, after being questioned about it by Sora, she even went so far as to procure herself a scar on an arm so as to mimic the one her late sister had, much to Aki's regret. However, they noted that one day they will tell the truth to the twins. In the manga, she was portrayed to have blonde hair, but in the second OVA, she is a light brunette.
Aoi family mother (real)
The real unnamed mother of the three Aoi children, she died ten years ago, when she was hit by a car while returning home from shopping. Her role as mother was taken over by her younger twin sister, and only Aki knows about it. When she first gave birth to Aki, she felt the body was surprisingly light, and offered her sister a chance to hold the baby. She sustained a scar during one Christmas in a cooking accident, in which her left arm was burned while saving Sora from falling.
Aoi family father
The unnamed father of the three Aoi children, who makes his appearance in chapter 26. He is a big man with dark hair like Aki. He caught Aki and Sora when they were making love and punished Sora for it. It is revealed that he and the mother of the Aoi children are, in fact, siblings, and he left his family because people didn't accept this. He eventually dies in a hospital.


Kana Sumiya (澄弥 可奈 Sumiya Kana?)
Voiced by: Tae Okajima (OVA 1), Nazuna Gogyō (Yume no Naka)
Kana is Sora's classmate and Nami’s best friend. Kana and Nami are the only members of the cosplay club. She makes female outfits for Sora and Nami forces these outfits unto her brother. She has feelings for Sora but is too shy to confess them. She is unaware of Nami's feelings towards her. Even when Nami stated she loved her, Kana believed it meant because they were friends. After a date, at which Kana gave Sora a kiss and a boob-job, Nami, who was witnessing from a cupboard, snapped, leading to her raping Sora. After some persuasion from Nami later, Kana loses her virginity to Sora, which Nami secretly records. It is vaguely expressed that Kana loved Nami after this, as Kana remembers the first time she had met with Sora, and believed it was fate, because she had the chance to love a boy who looked exactly like Nami. She later stumbles upon Sora and Nami's affair and joins them in three way, where Nami's feelings for Kana are eventually revealed.
Runa Satsuki (咲月 ルナ Satsuki Runa?)
Runa is Sora's senior at school. Ever since being forced to walk home from school only wearing her school swimsuit, she's been an exhibitionist. Sora first meets her as she was changing bare in the elevator at their apartment complex. She mistakenly thinks Sora finds cross-dressing exciting. She later forces Sora on a "fetish" date with her—she is wearing only a raincoat, and he is in drag—and forces him to masturbate to her masturbating. Later, she tricks Sora into going to a swap sex orgy with her, as her pretend-boyfriend. She loses her virginity as Sora watches; they held hands through random partners. During the summer break, she takes him to the pool having him wear a girl's bathing suit while she painted a swimsuit on her body, where she pleasures Sora for helping with her exhibitionism again. It is unknown whether she has any feelings for Sora, however she has stated that it is only "good" if he is the one to see her naked. Because of this she has not returned to the "party", even though asked many times. In the autumn, Runa returns as a nude art model for the art club.
Natsumi Nosaka (野坂 なつみ Nosaka Natsumi?)
Natsumi is Sora's classmate. She attended the party that Hitomi had, and was one of the many girls to have set eyes on having sex with Sora. She felt a little annoyed when Sora had difficulty at remembering her at first sight at the party. She expressed slight resentment when she heard rumors from Nami that Sora and Kana were going out.
Alice Himekawa (姫川 ありす Himekawa Arisu?)
Alice is Aki's classmate. She is a beautiful girl with blond hair, girlfriend of Miharu Mihara, the school's student council president and self-proclaimed rival of Aki. As Alice is second place in the test results (under Aki), she tends to act distastefully towards Aki. Aki, however, is oblivious to this rivalry and considers themselves as friends, much to Alice's irritation. Due to this rivalry, when Miharu asked Sora to have sex with Alice to satisfy her in his (Miharu) place, Alice was skeptical due to Sora being Aki's brother. Regardless, Alice loved Miharu dearly, and agreed to have sex with Sora, and even giving up her virginity to him. Later, all three play a fantasy game, in which Alice rapes Sora for real while Miharu watches.
Yuna Asana (朝菜 ユウナ Asana Yūna?)
Yuna is the president of the school's art club. She agreed to let Runa take over as a substitute for the nude model in class, but noticed that the boys were looking at her more than drawing, and got angry at it. However, Runa correctly guessed that Yuna was aroused by the atmosphere. Runa later encourages her to have sex with Sora in order to overcome her embarrassment around nude males.


Hitomi Tomozaki (友崎 ひとみ Tomozaki Hitomi?)
Hitomi is Runa's friend. She held the orgy party that Runa tricked Sora into going, and had her sight set on Sora at the party's start. She was the first one to have sex with Sora at the party, and her boyfriend was the one who took Runa's virginity. After this party, Hitomi invited Runa to return many times, but because Runa only felt good with Sora, she did not return.
Miharu Mihara (美原 みはる Mihara Miharu?)
Miharu is Sora's childhood friend who used to live in the same apartment complex with the Aoi family. He is younger than Sora, and Sora addresses him as "Mi-chan", and would view him as a younger brother, were it not for Miharu's tendency to cross-dress as a girl. Miharu has an effeminate appearance, similar to Sora, but unlike Sora, he likes to cross-dress. He came to Sora's school in order to ask Sora to have sex with his girlfriend, Alice, because Miharu himself has erectile dysfunction, in order to make Alice happy. Miharu is shameless, as he not only cross-dresses and asks his friend to take away his girlfriend's virginity, but also narrates about Alice and Sora having sex with vulgar phrases. He got over his conditions only when witnessing Alice and Sora having sex. However, once Sora leaves and it was his turn, Miharu became ED again. Therefore, he asks Sora to take care of Alice.
Ria Sumiya (澄弥 理亜 Sumiya Ria?)
A small girl who lives in a church village who is good friends with Nami.



The Aki Sora manga, written by Masahiro Itosugi, was serialized in Champion Red Ichigo magazine between September 5, 2008 and April 5, 2011. Five tankōbon volumes have been released so far. The first and third volumes will no longer be printed following July 2011 due to the Tokyo youth development ordinance bill due to its depictions of incest.[4]

List of chapters

No.Japanese release dateJapanese ISBN
1 December 19, 2008ISBN 978-4-253-23451-1
  • Chapter 1: Aki and Sora (アキとソラ Aki to Sora?)
  • Chapter 2: The Two Soras (ソラとナミ Sora to Nami?)
  • Chapter 3: Hide and Seek
  • Chapter 4: A Certain Adventure
  • Chapter 4.5: Some Like It Hot
Siblings Sora and Aki Aoi realize they have a sexual attraction and begin a secret relationship. Meanwhile, Sora's twin sister Nami is having trouble dealing with her feelings for her friend, Kana Sumiya, who has a crush on Sora. Sora also meets Runa Satsuki, who seeks thrills doing naughty things in public places.
2 July 17, 2009ISBN 978-4-253-23452-8
  • Chapter 5: Welcome Home (おかえりなさい Okaerinasai?)
  • Chapter 6: Sunday Lovers (恋人たちの午後 Koibitotachi no Gogo?)
  • Chapter 7: That Feeling That I Want To Express, That Feeling That Can Never Be Reached
  • Chapter 8: That Hateful Thing That Cannot Be Fulfilled
  • Chapter 9: When The Rain Has Stopped (雨が止んだら Amegayandara?)
It is revealed that the Aoi family's mother is actually her twin sister, their real mother having died in a road accident, with Aki being the only one who knows the truth. Runa takes Sora to an orgy where she loses her virginity. Meanwhile, Nami snaps when she witnesses Kana pleasuring Sora, becoming jealous of Sora's "thing" and raping him.
3 December 18, 2009ISBN 978-4-253-18176-1 (with DVD)
ISBN 978-4-253-23453-5 (without DVD)
  • Chapter 10: Part Time Lovers
  • Chapter 11: Paint & Swimwear (裸の女王様 Hadaka no Jo-ō-sama?)
  • Chapter 12: Alice Oneesama's Secret
  • Chapter 13: Red Thread (赤い糸 Akai Itō?)
  • Chapter 14: Private Lesson (個人授業 Kojinjugyō?)
  • Chapter 15: The Secret Of Twins
Sora goes to an amusement park with Aki and to a swimming pool with Runa. He later reluctantly ends up being a replacement for Miharu Mihara, whose impotency prevents him from pleasuring his girlfriend, Alice Himekawa. Nami, who can't forget about the time she raped Sora, consensually has sex with him.
4 June 18, 2010ISBN 978-4-253-23454-2
  • Chapter 16: Kana and Sora (カナとソラ Kana to Sora?)
  • Chapter 17: Mother (母親 Haha-oya?)
  • Chapter 18: Princess and Hero (姫と勇者 Hime to Yūsha?)
  • Chapter 19: Somewhere Beyond
  • Chapter 20: After-school Sketch (放課後のスケシチ Hōkago no Sukecchi?)
Nami encourages Sora to have sex with Kana, who are secretly filmed by Nami. Sora later gets close to discovering his "mother's" secret. Meanwhile, Sora has more sexual encounters with Aki, Alice and Runa.
5 December 20, 2010ISBN ISBN 978-4-253-23455-9
  • Chapter 21: God is Watching (神様がみてる Kamisama ga Miteru?)
  • Chapter 22: The Ideal Couple (理想のカップル Risou no Kappuru?)
  • Chapter 23: Naked and Fine Art (はだかと芸術 Hadaka to Geijutsu?)
  • Chapter 24: Secret Revealed (暴露 Bakuro?)
  • Chapter 25: To Pass on Feelings (伝わる思い Tsutawaru Omoi?)
Sora, Kana and Nami attend a photo shoot, where Nami speaks with her friend Rui Sumiya whilst Sora and Kana continue to have sex. Runa helps her friend Yuna get over her fear of men by encouraging her to have sex with Sora. As Sora continues having relationships between Kana and Nami, Kana discovers Sora eloping with Nami and becomes bitter towards Nami. The two have threesomes with Sora, doing one of which Nami's feelings for Kana are finally put across.
6 May 21, 2011ISBN ISBN 978-4-253-23456-6
  • Chapter 26: Family Time (家族の時間 Kazoku no Jikan?)
  • Chapter 27: After You Leave (君去りし後 Kimi Sarishi Go?)
  • Chapter 28: Wanting to Meet (逢いたくて Aitakute?)
  • Chapter 29: Older Sister and Younger Brother (姉と弟 Ane to Otōto?)
  • Chapter 30: Autumn Sky (あきのそら Aki no Sora?)


There are two OVA adaptations of Aki Sora, both produced by Hoods Entertainment. The first OVA was released with the third volume of the manga on December 17, 2009, licensed by Frontier Works. A second OVA adaptation, titled Aki Sora ~Yume no Naka~ (あきそら~夢の中~ Aki Sora ~In a Dream~?) was released by Pony Canyon in two parts and features a different voice cast from the first OVA. The first part was released on July 30, 2010 and the second part was released on November 17, 2010. The ending theme for this OVA is "Tnx!" by Mai Kotouge.

Episode List

# Episode title Original air date
"" ()
December 17, 2009 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Sora had become nervous around his older sister Aki, since he had started having lewd thoughts about her. While taking a bath together, Aki masturbated Sora, who runs off in disbelief. The next day, Sora can't face Aki and runs off, inevitably getting locked in a store room. Aki eventually finds him and the two kiss, later returning home to make love. This episode incorporates Chapters 1 and 3.
02 Aki Sora: In a Dream (Part 1)
"Aki Sora ~Yume no Naka~ (Jōkan)" (あきそら~夢の中~ (上巻))
July 30, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Sora continues his incestuous relationship with his sister Aki, keeping it a secret from everyone else. Meanwhile, his twin sister Nami forces him to join the Fashion Research club which her friend Kana Sumiya, who has a crush on Sora, is a part of. While Sora looks after Aki, who catches a cold during one of their secret get-togethers, Nami, who is secretly in love with Kana, asks Kana to pretend she is Sora while they practice kissing. This episode incorporates Chapters 2, 3, and 4.5.
03 Aki Sora: In a Dream (Part 2)
"Aki Sora ~Yume no Naka~ (Gekan)" (あきそら~夢の中~ (下巻))
November 17, 2010 (planned date)
November 16, 2010 (actual date)
Nami persuades Kana to go on a date with Sora, but snaps when she witnesses Kana pleasuring Sora in the classroom while dodging from rain. The next day, Nami tries to confess her love to Kana, but she misinterprets it as about being best friends. Nami turns her anger towards Sora, slapping him to the floor and raping him. The two then reach to have consensual sex, with Nami ignoring Sora the next day on. This episode incorporates Chapters 7, 8, 9, and 15.


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