Akanbe (あかんべえ, Akanbē), also spelled Akkanbee (あっかんべー, アッカンベー), is a Japanese facial gesture indicating sarcasm but also used as a taunt. It consists of someone pulling down one's lower eyelid to expose the red underside towards someone, often accompanied by the person sticking their tongue out.

Akanbe is a Japanese facial gesture. It consists of characters pulling down their lower eyelid to expose the red underside. It is considered an immature taunting gesture. It is accompanied by the characters sticking their tongues out and blowing raspberries while pulling the lower eyelid.

Mon œil:

In France, the gesture of pulling down one's lower eyelid and saying mon œil, or "my eye", is an expression of contempt It's a gesture of hatred, frustration Contempt A highly ritualized expression of disdain or disapproval

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