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After... is an eroge visual novel originally developed for the PC by Ciel. The art and character designs to the series are by Tony Taka.

Early DVD version includes a guide book and soundtrack CD. Early CD version includes a guide book and mouse pad.

After... Wasureemu Kizuna (After...~忘れえぬ絆~)

It is the Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 version of the original game with the pornographic elements removed.

Early orders include music CD, and calendar for PS2 version; music CD, and school badge for DC version.

After... -Sweet Kiss-

It is a release containing only side story with desk accessories.

After... -Story Edition-

It is a Windows release with the original game and After... -Sweet Kiss-.


A 2-episode OVA was produced under the After... THE ANIMATION name, published in Milky animation label.


  • Yūichi Takawashi (高鷲祐一 Takawashi Yūichi?)
  • Kanami Shiomiya (汐宮香奈美 Shiomiya Kanami?)
  • Nagisa Takawashi (高鷲渚 Takawashi Nagisa?)
  • Yōko Kishi (喜志陽子 Kishi Yōko?)
  • Kōtarō Takidani (滝谷紘太郎 Takidani Kōtarō?)
  • Keishō Abiko (我孫子慶生 Abiko Keishō?)
  • Miyuki Chihaya (千早美雪 Chihaya Miyuki?)
  • Saori Mikkaichi (三日市沙織 Mikkaichi Saori?)
  • Satoshi Kamuro (学文路聡 Kamuro Satoshi?)
  • Cypher (サイファ Saihua?)
  • Lou (ルー Ruu?)

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