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81diver (ハチワンダイバー Hachi Wan Daibā?) is a manga written by Yokusaru Shibata. It is currently serialized in Weekly Young Jump, published by Shueisha. It is aired as drama series from May 3, 2008 starring Junpei Mizobata and Riisa Naka.[1] The title refers to the main character's shogi nickname, which comes from the words of his former teacher who once told him to dive into the 9 by 9 (81) squares of the shogi board.


Kentarō failed at entering the professional league of shogi board game competition. However, he continues to play the game for a living by gambling at amateur shogi clubs. His encounter and defeat by the shogi player known as Akihabara's "Ukeshi" shocks him and, combined with his financial crisis, reinvigorates him to take shogi more seriously. He also finds out by chance that the Ukeshi offers a part time maid cosplay house cleaning service, another side of her which further intrigues him.


  • Kentarō Sugata (菅田健太郎 Sugata Kentarou?)
  • Soyo "Ukeshi" Nakashizu (中静そよ Nakashizu Soyo?)





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