6 Angels (シックス・エンジェルズ?) is a 2002 science fiction action anime film. There are 6 chapters of uneven duration, originally released on the Internet as separate episodes, and the total running time is 90 minutes.


The movie is set in the near-future in a large prison built underground at a former nuclear test site in Utah known as Neo Purgatory, where the main characters (an all-female mercenary outfit known as the "Guard of Rose") act as a guard patrol. The prisoners, many of whom are mutated by the ambient radiation, are left to their own devices, but a criminal known as Donn Canyon and his family take control of the prison and declare war upon the world by gaining control of the American orbital nuclear missile platform and vowing the "purify the world with radiation" in a nuclear holocaust. After an abortive attempt by the United States and Soviet militaries to assault the prison, the Guard of Rose is tasked with infiltrating and defeating the Canyon family to preserve global peace.

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