3.3.7 Byooshi!! (3.3.7ビョーシ!!?) is a manga series by mangaka Mitsurou Kubo (久保ミツロウ?) and serialized in Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine.


A naive teenage boy, Fukuda Shinichi , decides to spend his summer at cram school. He is not much of anything, not handsome, popular, sporting or smart. At high school he was the captain of his school's cheerleading squad. This is his only passion.

On his way to cram school with a friend, planning to make the most of the chance to raise his grades, he discovers that the plan was never what his friend had in mind. He is diverted into a summer of excitement, but they are waylaid by two beautiful girls who take them to a crooked bar where the drinks are insanely overpriced. It becomes a matter of pay or die at the hands of the criminals who own the bar.

Shinichi is rescued by his role model, the previous captain of the school cheerleading squad, Ume. In order to survive, he takes work with Ume's employer. Unfortunately, Ume works as a male escort (gigolo) in a bar that specializes in providing bored lonely women with distraction.

He decides to approach the situation using his only talent, cheering others on.

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