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1+2=Paradise (1+2=パラダイス Ichi tasu Ni wa Paradaisu?) is a manga series by Junko Kamimura. The story has been adapted into two original video animations (OVAs).


The story focuses Yusuke Yamamoto, the son of two gynecologists. When he was a child, he was almost castrated by two neighbors, which is why he's afraid of women. Also as a child, he saved two twin sisters from an attacking dog, causing them to grow up with the dream that turns Yusuke's life upside down. At the beginning of the story, they appear in the home of Yusuke and his father decides to make them they live with them, hoping to heal his son's phobia of women.


The manga was published by Kodansha in 1989 to 1990 then re-released by Shobunkan in 1994 to 1995.


Yuusuke Yamamoto (山本優介 Yamamoto Yuusuke?)
Voiced by: Kappei Yamaguchi
Yuka Nakamura (中村結花 Nakamura Yuuka?)
Voiced by: Riyako Nagao

Main heroine of the story.

Rika Nakamura (中村梨花 Nakamura Rika?)
Voiced by: Chieko Honda

Second heroine of the story.

Yuusuke's Father
Voiced by: Kei Tomiyama

He is a gynecology clinic.

Episode list

# Title [1] Original air date
1 "Around here, there, puding, puding"
February 23, 1990
2 "Clash! Momoiro Sisters against lascivious queen bee"
April 21, 1990


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