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...But, I'm Your Teacher (生徒の主張 教師の本分 Seito no Shucho Kyoshi no Honbun?) is a yaoi manga series written and illustrated by Row Takakura. Based on a book by Yoshino Somei, the series ran for seven issues of Be x Boy in 1997.[citation needed] The seven individual chapters were published as a single tankōbon volume in July 1997 by Biblos, then reprinted in March 2007 by Enterbrain which had assumed the license. The volume presents six short stories, with the titular story featuring Yahiro, a substitute teacher, who begins having an affair with his student Kago.

The volume is licensed for an English language release in North America by Media Blasters, which released in April 2006.


Written and illustrated by Row Takakura, the seven chapters of ...But, I'm Your Teacher were serialized in Be x Boy in 1997, before being published in a single single tankōbon volume in July 1997 by Biblos.[1] Biblios declared bankruptcy in 2006, and the title was acquired by Enterbrain which reprinted the volume with new cover art on March 15, 2007 under their B's Lovey label.[2]

In 2005, Media Blasters licensed the volume for an English language release in North America under its "Kitty Media" label; the volume was published on April 26, 2006.[3] After the title moved from Biblos to Enterbrain, Kitty Media noted that when their current licensed expired, they would seek to renew with the new property holder.[4]


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