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Él (エル eru?) is a Japanese adult visual novel developed by the ELF Corporation which was originally released for the PC on September 29, 2000. A two episode hentai original video animation series based the game was also created. The series depicts the survivors of a nuclear war that are gathered in a single, tightly-monitored city.

El Miles is a "sniper" – that is, a policewoman defending the city against the Black Widows, a terrorist organization determined to undermine the Megaro Earth Project, which is supposed to rebuild the earth following the war. Recently, El has been placed in charge of protecting Parsley, a pop singer nearly raped by Black Widow operatives. The singer then finds herself falling in love with El, and openly (and later successfully) tries to seduce her.

El soon discovers that some of her fellow snipers, superiors and close friends, some she known for years, are becoming Black Widow operatives, and she is constantly tormented not only by their leader Gizmo, but also by unusual blackouts and of unexplained visions of another reality. It soon turns out that El’s reality may be actually a cruel illusion.

At the end of the second episode, you will find out that this whole world El Miles lived in was actually just a 'created dream' made by robot(s). The whole purpose of this is because El and a man (Joe) are the only survivors left of planet Earth. In El's dream, she was supposed to end up having sex with Joe, however, Parsley, which was in charge of this mission failed to make that happen. The dream got 'reset', meaning all of the characters El knew stopped existing, bringing panic to Parsley, fully aware of what was going on. It ends that the robot(s) says Oh, we screwed up. Hopefully this won't affect her mental health.(...) El and Joe, the two last survivors of Earth...

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