Marine Hunter (マリンハンター Marin Hantaa?) is a shōnen manga by Shiro Otsuka. The manga ran in Shōnen Sunday having begun in 2007's volume 36/37 and wrapping up in 2008's volume 26. This series grew out of a short story that was published in Shōnen Sunday 2007 volumes 10 through 13.


At the end of the 21st century, the Earth is almost entirely covered by water. Human/fish hybrids known as "Fish-Halfs"


A sixteen year old Fish-Half that is part human, part great white shark, he has a tendency to go berserk whenever he smells blood, killing any humans that happen to be nearby. He is battling against the navy, as he tries to free himself from their influence.
A fourteen year old girl who was captured by the navy and rescued by Shark.
A young Fish-Half that is part human, part shellfish. Her island was attacked by the navy, causing her to join up with Shark.
Blue Whale
As his name implies, he is a Fish-Half that is half human, half blue whale. He is also a rear admiral in the navy that Shark is fighting against.

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